Ulterior Talks: Interview with fashion influencer Daniel Pranata from @inisiative – Ulterior Brand

Ulterior Talks: Interview with fashion influencer Daniel Pranata from @inisiative

“Buy less, choose well”

Daniel, can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Daniel Pranata, currently living in Pekanbaru, Indonesia which not a city or location that is renowned for the fashion world, but we would see in the future like. I’m 24 years old and now pursuing the things related to content creators.

How did you become interested in fashion?

Initially, when I jump to these things because I love to do photography, I fascinated with an aesthetic value from a product and culture especially from minimalism, afterward try to get some shot and in the end posted those photos that I took to Instagram. From there I became acquainted with several friends who were also involved in the fashion world from various parts of the countries. Some brands came up to send me the email to offer me for collaboration with them, It just flows by itself. 

How did you develop your social media following?

Consistent is my keyword to pursue a commitment to what I am doing. Conduct some research and find out some references after that try to fit in with the style that I like, these things bring up my character by itself.

Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

Honestly, I would say, a lot of things inspired me in the fashion style but there are some fashion blogger that obviously inspired me among others are Naufal Zuhdi from Indonesia, Harry Spain from Ireland and Wouter Kaan from Netherland (We follow each other on Instagram and give feedback each other to get some insight to develop my passion).

Which garments are for you the perfect basics that every man should have on their wardrobe?

For my country with a tropical climate and fairly warm weather, actually I like to combine just a few pieces of clothing such as gray sweatshirts for tops, black trousers, and white sneakers. Classic style but still timeless.

How important is versatility for you when you are buying a garment?

Slowly I also practice a minimalist lifestyle, I am expressing myself into more inclined to products that are simple, stylish, and durable for some time.

Instagram IG: @inisiative

Ulterior: Desing, versatility and technology. 

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