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Ulterior Talks: Interview with fashion influencer @koiztra

Style is always in fashion

Koiztra, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi, I’m Kars and I’m a Digital Customer Experience consultant that has some fun with a men’s fashion blog and Instagram account. 

You take amazing fashion and lifestyle still life photographs, how did you develop this passion?

First of all thanks for the kind words. I have always been interested in photography and fashion and I found Instagram to be the ideal platform to combine these two interests. It also helps that I work in the digital space and I’m fascinated by brands that are able to build true relationships through digital touchpoints. Instagram also gives me the ability to have a conversation with them and learn from them and apply that knowledge in my work and vice versa. 

When it comes to your personal style it feels like it is  minimalist , what is your inspiration?

My style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian fashion. Typically that tends to be basic colors, so that helps with the minimal look. For inspiration, for outfits, I follow other men’s fashion accounts that are within my style range and Pinterest is definitely a great source for inspiration. 

You are also a style guru, what are your three basic garments?

I wouldn’t call myself a style guru, but I believe every man should have a good pair of Raw Denim, a navy crewneck knit and a pair of crisp white leather sneakers. 

Can you describe your perfect work from home outfit?

A pair of jeans of comfy trousers, with a knit or a sweater and that, would be it.

How important is the quality of the pieces for you in your wardrobe?

Extremely, I focus on the quality of the products because quality helps with Buy less but better. I really appreciate the fact that designers put a lot of thought and love into designing an item that doesn’t use a flashy Off-White or Supreme logo to sell itself. No, it is the use of the right fabric, it’s construction, it’s a timeless look that appeals to me. 

Instagram IG: @koiztra

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