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Ulterior Talks: Interview with fashion influencer @noahwilliamsstyle

“The joy of dressing is an art”

Noah, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Hi, I’m Noah! I am a 25-year-old content creator and menswear influencer. By day, I work in marketing and project management, but I have always been passionate about personal style and all the related areas.

You take amazing fashion and lifestyle still life photographs, how did you develop this passion?

All throughout college, and still on a freelance basis I do commercial photography and video. While I was in high school I become increasingly interested in both style and media and wanted to find a way to blend the two. Instagram was becoming a large platform so I started photographing how I was putting outfits together and it has grown from there.

When it comes to your personal style it feels like it is minimalist, what is your inspiration?

My style is a mix of classic American prep, and Italian Sartorial flair. I took my favorite elements of both and blended them into a comfortable style any guy could pull from. I like to work from a capsule form of wardobe organization, where all garments can be interchanged with other items in the closet. This has helped me maximize the number of outfits possible.

You are also a style guru, what are your three basic garments?

A great pair of navy chinos, a fitted white button-down, and a watch that adds depth to the ensemble. 

Can you describe your perfect work from home outfit?

A pair of slim, flexible joggers and a nice t-shirt. If it’s cold, add a hoodie.

How important is the quality of the pieces for you in your wardrobe?

Early on when I was working with a tighter budget I focused more on fit and how trendy it was. Now that I can afford more high-end garments, I try to buy the best quality available.

Instagram IG: @noahwilliamsstyle

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