Ulterior Talks: Interview with graphic and industrial designer Álex Siordia – Ulterior Brand

Ulterior Talks: Interview with graphic and industrial designer Álex Siordia

“Creative minds inspire others”

Álex, can you introduce yourself briefly?
I’m a graphic and industrial designer based in Guadalajara, Mexico. I work designing illustration, and decorative and utilitarian objects, I’m currently experimenting with bringing them to the augmented reality. I run an art and design school here in Guadalajara that also works as my studio.

You are an artist and a designer how did you start?

I started posting my work to my Behance and Instagram account, and then it slowly started to catch the attention of brands and projects. I don’t know if I can call myself an artist, but I understand my work could fit into both branches. I have a lot of friends who are greats artists, so I guess one thing just took me to the other. I think it’s all about understanding the purpose of each project, to satisfy the requirements, whether formal or conceptual, and to handle and match that versatility.

What’s your biggest inspiration?
Music, emotions, and colors. I have worked a lot with emotional design, I think our work can develop a lot of emotions while interacting with our audience, so emotions are a powerful tool to connect with people. I also have been inspired by the Memphis movement in the past few months.

Can you give us a few tips for creating your own aesthetic as a designer? 

To be persistent in the time you dedicate to work in your stuff. To experiment with different styles to find your personality, but always starting from something you find very personal.

Talking about your incredible personal style, what is your favorite thing to wear?
Thank you so much, I am a huge fan of jackets and socks, the more colorful they are the better.

How important is color for you in your clothing?
I am very practical when I have to decide what to wear, I personally incline to basic shapes and colors, always thinking about how I will match clothes, but I always like to add a color accent to my outfit, like some colorful sneakers, or red socks, or a cool yellow jacket, just to bring my personality to the outfit.

Instagram IG: @alexsiordia

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