Ulterior Talks: Interview with style guru Martin from MartinTheMeat – Ulterior Brand

Ulterior Talks: Interview with style guru Martin from MartinTheMeat

“Buy less, choose well”

Martin, can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Martin. I am 46 years old and live in Copenhagen with my wife and two daughters. I work in finance, but have always had a passion for fashion and design.

You take amazing fashion, lifestyle and interior design photographs, how did you develop this passion?

I dont really know. as long as i can remember I have always liked nice clothes and furnitures. Perhaps its an influence from my mother – when growing up she always tried to buy good quality even though we didnt have a lot money, she would rather buy less but better. 

About twenty years ago a good friend and I started an online blog/magazine and wrote about fashion, lifestyle, etc. and ever since I have always had some sort of platform where i could express myself in some sort – the last 4-5 years its been via photos on instagram.

When it comes to your personal style it feels like it is minimalist, what is your inspiration?

I think I am pretty minimalistic, but i actually really like the more flamboyant looks too – i just cant pull the off. I feel like a christmas tree when i wear too many colors 🙂 

At the moment I get a lot of my inspiration from various japanese blogs and instagrammers – I really like the style they are rocking over there.

You are also a style guru, what are your three basic garments?

Hahaha, thanks 🙂 If i had to choose three garments it would be a nice pair of sneakers, navy trousers in a good quality (I have a pair of Marni trousers that i just love) and a good quality white shirt (My favorite white shirt is from MHL). 

Can you describe your perfect date outfit?

I’ve been married more than 10 years so i don’t date a lot 🙂 But i would say that the most important thing is to choose a outfit that is you – something you feel comfortable in and not dressing too much up and overdoing it. But still you gotta look nice, so again a nice pair of trousers and a shirt works for me.  

How important is the quality of the pieces for you in your wardrobe?

The older im getting the more i appreciatete good quality and i have found that it’s actually the good quality (and this usually meansns a bit expensive) pieces that i end up liking the most. So in the long run i actually believe that its gonnana be cheaper to buy expensive – cause those really nice garments lasts longer.

Instagram IG: @martinthemeat

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