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Ulterior Talks: Interview with traveler Alberto Gil

We have nothing to lose and a world to see

Hello Alerto can you introduce yourself briefly? 

Hi! I was born and grew up in Madrid and I’m passionate about sports and travelling and that’s why I was working for 6 years in the sport marketing field before I quit everything to accomplish another dream of mine, which was travelling for as long as I could with the budget I saved working all those years. 

When did you start traveling around the world? 
I started travelling in March 2019 after quitting my dream job. It’s been already one year and I hope my budget allows me to travel at least one more.

How many countries have you visited so far?
In total, I have been in 42 countries, just last year visited 17 countries. I also have to say that it is not about the number of countries but the experiences and digging into the culture. Therefore, I rather spend quality time in one place rather than being in many countries and not really get to know them. 

These are in order the countries I visited in 2019 : Thailand, Switzerland, France, Holland, Argentina, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Cuba, Germany, Iceland, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Vietnam, China and Japan.

Which one has been your favorite and why?
Wow, that’s a tough one. Could you tell me just one favorite song or film? I think I can’t. 

I lived so many adventures like snowboarding in Japan and getting to know their amazing culture, reaching my first 6,000m peak in Bolivia, scuba diving in Indonesia, enjoying the traditional “Día de Muertos” in Mexico and being alone in the Great Wall of China. I also got to admire places like the Fitz Roy and Iguazú Waterfalls in Argentina or the astonishing mountains and treks of Nepal.

Every country gives you a different and mind-blowing experience that can mark you deeply. Anyway I don’t know how, I always end up in Argentina. 

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from this experience? 
While travelling you are always learning about the country you are, its history, culture, gastronomy, people…but also you learn a lot about yourself. I would say that the biggest lesson traveling has taught me so far is to improvise. It is important to find quick solutions to mishaps. Don’t let a set back demoralize you, be creative and solve the problem. 

Can you give us a traveling tip?

Try to travel with a light backpack and also you need to be flexible in case your plans change, be open-minded and embrace the unexpected!

Instagram IG: @berto090

Travel Blog: Bertoelmundo.com

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